The Association of International Medical Technology Companies in Israel

Innovating for the Future of Care

About MedTech

Established in 2019, MedTech Israel is the association representing leading global medical technology companies operating in Israel.

Dedicated to facilitating the formation of an optimal environment for medical technology development and adoption in Israel, MedTech Israel believes that the start-up nation must take the lead in global efforts aimed at ensuring sustainable, high-quality healthcare for future generations.

Areas of Activity

Serving as the Israeli MedTech Industry’s Voice

MedTech Israel represents the interests of the medical technology industry while educating relevant stakeholders and the general public about the benefits and importance of medical technologies.

Providing Reliable, Comprehensive Industry Information

Leveraging our stakeholders’ collective wisdom, we serve as a robust, dependable source of knowledge and expertise concerning the medical device industry.

Streamlining Medical Technology Regulations

As a trusted, impartial partner and reliable advisor to Israeli policymakers, MedTech promotes a regulatory framework that facilitates innovation, growth, and adoption of medical technologies.

Fostering Research and Innovation

Acting as a design partner, MedTech Israel helps multidisciplinary medical teams, researchers and entrepreneurs create commercially viable solutions. By collaborating with academic institutions, we help gauge market demand for relevant educational programs, taking part in the development of new offerings tailored to industry needs.

Advocating for the Adoption of Medical Technologies

Committed to improving patient care and saving lives above all other objectives, we strive to create a positive impact by promoting the adoption of advanced medical technologies: ensuring present and future patients can benefit from sustainable, high-quality care.

Promoting Cross-Sector Collaborations

Recognizing the value and potential benefit of industry and external collaborations, MedTech Israel connects medical technology companies with each other as well as key stakeholders in government, healthcare providers (HCPs), innovation center and academia in order to facilitate the adoption and development of innovative medical technologies in Israel.

Our Members