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The Annual MedTech Industry Conference

January 19, 2023

The premier medTech conference in Israel brings together leaders and influencers from across the industry to discuss key trends affecting MedTech, with the goal of advancing medical technologies in Israel’s healthcare sector.

On January 24th, Israel’s top executives, innovators, and leading stakeholders from across the medical industry will gather for a key event — The Annual MedTech Conference, to explore critical topics, share visions for the future – and shape them, collectively. 

Titled: “Promoting Medical Technologies in Israel’s Healthcare System”, the conference will be dedicated to exploring advances and developments in the MedTech industry, with a particular focus on fostering innovation in Israel: all towards the ultimate goal of improving healthcare in Israel through the adoption of advanced technological solutions and their incorporation into the  healthcare basket. 

Medical technology has a profound impact on human health, from early diagnosis of medical conditions to the improvement of life quality, and ultimately saving lives through a range of treatment options. Considering that Israel’s medical technology industry is a global leader and a source of pride for the country, providing numerous breakthroughs in the field, the potential benefit of the development and implementation of innovative medical technologies is immense.

Additionally, for multinational companies in general, and particularly the leaders in the medical technology field, regulatory stability and a sense of certainty with regard to associated processes are essential to encouraging companies to invest and establish themselves in Israel: clearly conveying the feasibility and potential benefits of such endeavors.

Therefore, this process is crucial to the nation’s future: on the one hand, enhancing the workforce and local industry, and on the other hand, advancing healthcare, together with Israeli companies and other influential stakeholders. Today, we are in the midst of a technological revolution that will transform medicine: from robotics to organ printing, through advanced diagnostics, AR, VR, and more. MedTech is at the forefront of all of these advancements.

Furthermore, Israel is a leader in digital health, which includes a wide range of technologies and services that are aimed at creating systems that provide patients with the best possible care, including early detection, prevention, smart decision-making, personalized medicine, and advanced medical data platforms. 

With a carefully crafted program, attendees at the MedTech Conference will obtain perspectives and gain valuable insight into these key topics, as well as on emerging regulatory and reimbursement pathways, the ways in which technology is impacting healthcare delivery — and much more. 

In the first part of the conference, CEOs of leading companies and key stakeholders will provide practical insights into industry businesses based on their extensive experience. The panel will include lectures by Dr. Ronit Segal Hirshberg, CEO of MedTech Israel and former CEO of Rambam’s Health Corporation, Mr. Aviran Suchard, CEO of Philips Electronics Israel, Mr. Erez Levy, CEO of GE Israel, Mr. Ofir Klein, BD Israel Country General Manager, Ms. Lior Eshed, Founder and CEO of LemonMSS, Mr. Ofer Ben-Yehuda, partner at Shibolet law firm, Mr. Gilad Glick Vice President, Venture Investments MedTech Israel, JJDC, and Dr. Ami Apelbaum, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economy and Industry and Chairman of Israel Innovation Authority. 

Prof. Rafi Beyar, President of the International Friends Associations and Former CEO, Rambam Health Care Campus, will focus on the collaboration between medicine, industry and academia, while positioning Israel as a Startup Medical Nation.  

The second seat will be dedicated to examining MedTech industry challenges at the national level. The panel will be moderated by Ran Reznik, Senior Health Commentator at Israel Hayom. Among the panel’s notable speakers will be Dr. Yitzhak Berlovitz, former CEO of Wolfson Medical Center and former Deputy to the Director General of the Ministry of Health Israel, Prof. Rafi Beyar, President of the International Friends Associations and Former CEO, Rambam HealthCare Campus, Gil Tennenbaum, MedTech Israel chairman of the board, Dr. Ronit Segal Hirshberg, CEO of MedTech Israel and former CEO of Rambam’s Health Corporation, Mr. Amos Ben-Zur, partner at Shibolet law firm, and Ms. Nili Dickman, Ombudsman under the National Health Insurance Law, Ministry of Health Israel. 

Featuring world-class speakers and valuable networking opportunities, the conference is a must-attend event for the industry’s prominent and most promising companies. At MedTech Israel, we believe that innovation begins with imagination — and this event serves as the platform for the ideas, partnerships, and breakthroughs that will lead to a healthier world, and as an opportunity to engage in discussions that spark the next paradigm-shifting moment. 

By examining key issues and possibilities in every facet of our field together, at MedTech Israel, we hope to enhance our ability to deliver solutions for Israel’s ever-evolving healthcare needs, and to become a world-class leading medical technology hub.