About MedTech Israel

Our Story

MedTech Israel was established in 2019 by premier international healthtech companies, believing that the start-up nation must take the lead in global efforts aimed at ensuring sustainable, high-quality healthcare for future generations.

Dedicated to facilitating the formation of an optimal environment for medical technology development and adoption in Israel, we recognize the critical role of cross-sector collaborations, and strive to work alongside key stakeholders in government, academia, healthcare providers (HCPs), and financial institutions.

As a conducive regulatory framework is critical to streamline innovation, growth and the adoption of medical technologies, MedTech Israel acts as a trusted advisor to policymakers and contributes to the drafting and revision of relevant regulations.

With a view to establishing Israel as an international hub for medical technology, MedTech Israel serves as the voice of the Israeli medical device industry, highlighting its importance and achievements to stakeholders and the general public, attracting the brightest minds and supporting the development of educational initiatives and professional training programs.

In this manner, MedTech Israel helps reduce health disparities, lighten HCP workloads, and ensure that present and future patients receive the best possible care.